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Other lab adventures


First lab dinner, December 2023- Pizza 1926 

what happens with the PI is left alone with paint in the lab

Acrylic on old corkboard in the student/postdoc office

Acrylic on old corkboard in the microscope room


Uniborg, the Metallic Menace
first lab pagan god
overseer of all things cloning and PCR

Expanskelis, the Seer of Macroscopic Minutiae
second lab pagan god


Expanskelis performing a hands on inspection of the lab microscope- Dr Vivian Blake

reunion with Paul and his postdoc mentor (Erin Schuman) and PhD advisor (Gary Bassell)
brain prize reception, SfN 2023

examples from the time spent as the Schuman lab cocktail czar (2019-2022)

artistic interpretation of Paul
created by Mara Müller, PhD student in the lab of Erin Schuman.

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