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Deciphering how mRNAs are translated in distal neuronal compartments. 

Thousands of mRNAs localise in dendrites and axons and are recruited to synapses to be locally synthesised into protein.  At the crux of regulating the transport and translation of synaptically localized mRNA into protein, are numerous RNA binding proteins (RBPs) whose association with RNA governs all stages of its lifecycle and dynamic properties. We're interested in understanding how RBPs regulate mRNA localization, synaptic recruitment, and subsequent decoding to be made available for protein synthesis.

How are mRNAs recruited to synapses?
How are mRNAs decoded for translation at synapses?
Do dynamic rearrangements of RBPs underlie differential RNA states during synaptic plasticity?
quiescent mRNA
mRNA translation
mRNA transport
mRNA decay
mRNA storage
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